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My Top 5 Amazon Fitness Recovery Products You Should Own

My Top 5 Amazon fitness recovery products you should own:

1. Foam roller

2. Pea knot/lacrosse ball

3. Monster bands

4. Balance pads

5. Compression socks

My full product list here

Let me start off by saying that no product alone is a miracle worker that will resolve your pain and fix your movement quality on its own. However, these products are intended to help address different concerns such as tightness, lack of motion, and swelling. They can allow you to improve your tolerance to movement or specific positions or exercises that in turn will help you manage your pain or areas of discomfort more effectively.

These five fitness recovery items can be used for a variety of reasons from your neck down to your feet. Learning how to use them is a different story and is very specific to each individual based on level of fitness, function and current condition or presentation. You should seek out your local physical therapist for individual education and demonstration of proper use. I will review general use below.

Foam roller: There are many variations of foam rollers currently out on the market but I still prefer the basic version, smooth in texture and made of traditional foam. This allows for the most versatility of use. You can lay on it to improve posture, roll out your muscles prior and post workout to better recovery, and aid in core activation.

Pea knot or Lacrosse ball: These act as a soft tissue massage tool that is more aggressive than your regular foam roller. This gives you a smaller surface area of pressure to target those harder to reach or smaller muscle groups that you just can’t target with a foam roller.

Monster bands: In the recovery/rehab realm, these can be used to address joint mobility issues such as: lacking range of motion due to joint tightness, not just muscle tightness. These types of mobilizations should be taught to you by a medical professional such as a physical therapist.

Balance pads: Here is another simple product that can be used for a variety of drills yet is most effective in replicating an uneven surface to stand on to address balance deficits. This is commonly used when recovering from an ankle sprain to help regain proprioception. Many times, people just walk off their ankle sprain with little to no rehab leaving them at higher risk of reinjury. Utilizing a foam pad like this can help reduce that risk when performed correctly.

Compression socks: The management of swelling/edema is a vital part of any recovery. Using compression socks can help reduce inflammation in the lower extremities. Ignoring swelling can lead to weakness, pain, and further injury. There are many causes of swelling/edema that may require medical treatment. If your MD is unaware of your edema, contact them immediately.

I hope you have found this post informative and you are able to apply some of these tools in your recovery. Check out the Instagram page @mglifestylesolutions for more health and wellness content.

Make it a lifestyle, Dr. G


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