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Recreation 101:


Beyond the training environment in a gym setting, there is a way to apply fitness to your daily lifestyle. By adding physical recreational activities, you can improve your motivation, expand your goals, and allow yourself to maintain an active lifestyle even on your "rest" days. Recreation is all about having fun and enjoying time spent with friends, family, or on your own. Not all recreational activities have to be based around fitness but do require some level of movement. This is where you can put your training to the test and utilize the strength, power, or endurance that you have been working so hard to improve on. Put our moto to use and "live to achieve!"


Parks and Hikes

Park trail maps:­to­go/trail­maps­generic.html


Danver, MA rail trail

Running/biking paths Bike

­­activities/biking­paths­an d­trails.html


Paths­activities/massachusetts­forest­a nd­parks­trails.html


Greenways and trails


Courts and sports Tennis courts­activities/tennis­courts.html


Sporting facilities­activities/athletic­fields­and­facili ties.html

Places to fish:­activities/fishing.html

Hunting and Fishing­parks­beaches/fishing­and­hunting/

Canoeing and Kayaking:­activities/canoeing­and­kayaking .html



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