Nutrition 101:


The saying, “You are what you eat,” should not be taken lightly. The types of foods you consume will affect your body composition, your energy level, and overall quality of life. Along with  effective function and movement in fitness and daily life, having an awareness of proper nutritional intake is key to achieving a balanced, healthy lifestyle. MG Lifestyle Solutions supports these basic nutrition principles:


  •  The definition of the word “diet” refers to the variety and quality of food a person eats, rather than the commonly used term to describe fads of limiting certain food groups to lose weight.

  • Nutritional intake varies with each individual and should be adjusted based on established goals.

  • Calorie counting is a method used to manage weight. The calories you take in will match, exceed or fall short of your energy expenditure, causing you to maintain, gain, or lose weight, based on your desired goals. How this is accomplished is highly variable and requires much lengthier discussion. What works well for one person may not work equally for another.

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