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Benefit of private training: There are many ways to reach your fitness goals with today's evolving fitness trends. One constant that has been proven to work and sustain time is private individual training. Working with a skilled fitness professional who has taken the time to learn your goals and evaluate your weaknesses, can custom-tailor an evolving workout program that is based around the science of body movements and development. Reach results quicker and smarter while being in a comfortable and positive environment!  


One on one | Training


 With one-on-one training, you receive a completely individualized approach to fitness. Don't let someone else take time away from your training and attention. Group training environments can bring some unique attributes to a training program, but it can also add unwanted challenges and issues. Avoid the crowd mentality and the pressure to keep up. If you're worried about motivation, you have a dedicated trainer that can push you,if that's your style. A one size fits all approach may lead to injuries and lacks your input and needs. You don’t need to question your form or quality of movement with an exercise because there is someone to lead and monitor your program.


What is Functional Training?  


"Functions training" is a phrase that gets tossed around the fitness industry frequently. In the health and wellness world, function relates to the ability to perform daily activities optimally and without pain. Functional training applies to improving your ability to perform daily tasks while at work, home, or recreational settings. Function will vary for everyone. Unlike some "traditional" gym training methods that utilize stationary equipment which could reduce your body’s demand for stability and control of movement, the principles of functional training strive to challenge your body more efficiently. Furthermore, they revolve around performing complex multijoint movements that require greater ranges of motion and stability demands. How well does your training program promote your lifestyle needs?


Concierge |

Custom Workout Programming


Not all training programs are created equal. What works for you may not work as well for your friend. The basic prinicples of training and fitness still apply to you but the way your body responds may vary. Custom programing works with your personal goals in mind and evolves if your goals change. If you decide to spend one month focusing on building muscular endurance, a personalized workout plan will reflect those goals. If you decide to change to building a stronger cardiovascular system, the training will adapt to that specific goal.

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