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Freeze Sleeve: Recovery Aide

The biggest road block to self care and recovery is time and responsibility. The most common complaint I hear from patients is that have neglected themselves over the last few months or in some cases years. They "let themselves go", whatever that means to them. It might be not eating as well, not moving / exercising like that did, or just not getting enough sleep. Maybe kids come into play, or a family member gets sick that requires care, or maybe they just lost the motivation.

whatever the reason, eventually something happens that gets the patient in the door or in contact with myself.

Step one is being realist with what someone can handle when it comes to their self care. Finding time to address their concerns/complaints. Sometimes the individual has to follow a detailed rehab plan to aide in their recovery while other times its about activity modification, relative rest, and some anti-inflammatory actions. One of these things might be some good old fashion cryo therapy (cold therapy) or ice. The Freeze Sleeve is a simple yet effect product that will get the job done well.

Why the Freeze Sleeve you might ask? Its all about ease of application and the ability to move and still get things done while get the benefits of cold therapy. Yes, in an ideal world I recommend that the patient apply cold along with some compression and elevation in cases of swelling, i'm well aware that many people have a hard time complying with this order. So instead, you can apply the Freeze Sleeve and still get things done, do the dishes, make the kids dinner, or whatever else is getting in the way of your recovery time.

If you think this sounds useful to your overall recovery routine you can utilize discount code MG15 to get 15% off your order! (Click image below)

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Always appreciated!

Live to achieve,

- Dr. Ilya Gluskin PT,DPT

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