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Galaxy Watch Fitness Review

Motivation, something everyone no matter their fitness level or background will struggle with at one time or another. A few months ago I decided to explore the tech world and invest in a smart watch. My thought was it might give me the motivation I had been lacking. As a strong Samsung supported I decided to go with their newest product the Galaxy watch. As you can see in the photo i figured it would be a great addition to my Note 8 (that does not blow up).


My goal was to wear the watch on a daily basis and really put it to the test while at work, gym, and at home. So far I have been wearing it just about every day since the end of November, 2018. I have been getting a consistent three days out of the battery life which fits my level of patients that I have when regards to charging a watch. Previously, I owned a Gear Fit that I had to charge just about daily and became the main reason I stopped using it. I hope the same does not occur with the Galaxy watch. I'm sure the battery life will change of the time span of the watch and I will have to be careful to avoid over charging it at night.

The Galaxy watch has many features and apps that can be downloaded to help streamline your life. On a fairly regular basis I utilized the following 5 features the most.

1. step counter

2. stop watch at work

3. Text messages when I couldn't get to my phone

4. Heart rate monitor while working out

5. Answering calls when phone wasn't reachable

As you can see most of these go beyond your traditional watch features but maybe not beyond any wearable smart device. That being said some of the other apps I use but less frequently link up to the phone and allow for a more connected experience such at the Nest app, Samsung Pay, and Smart Things.

Lets head back to my intended use of the Galaxy watch, a fitness motivator. The watch links up to your Samsung Health app on your phone and helps you track your steps and so much more. Overall, the watch has been a great tool for my fitness journey so far and I hope it continues to be a driving force. For a full Galaxy watch fitness review check out my YouTube channel right below!

Galaxy Watch Fitness Review
Samsung Galaxy Watch

Remember there are many ways to find motivation and gadgets are just one. More traditional options include personal training. Although more expensive than a one time Galaxy watch purchase your investment in your own health will go much further and outlast the life of the watch!

For any specific questions don't hesitate to reach out and make sure to follow on instagram @mglifestylesolutions

Live To Achieve,

- Dr. G


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