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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Evaluation:

1 hour session 

Injury testing 


Plan of care 


Follow up sessions as needed

Manual Therapy

Recovery session:

30 Minute session 

Soft tissue manual work


IASTM (scraping) 


Joint mobilizations 

Dry Needling

Dry Needling

15-30 Minute session 

Pain management

Soft tissue recovery

Neuromuscluar adaptations 


NormaTec Recovery
Help your legs recover after a long run or a heavy leg day! This system uses pneumatic compression to massage your legs. This improves your body ability to flush the bi-products of training hard thus boosting recovery. 

Personal Training

Personal Training

1 hour private session

Fitness assessment screen

Individualized to skill level

Personalized goal setting 

Home training available per request

Workout Routine

Workout Routines

Custom-tailored training routines based on individual skill level, goals, available equipment, and training frequency

Routine review and form screens

Health and wellness consulting

Health and Wellness Consulting

Postural evaluations

Work station assessment 

Health and Wellness review 

Lifestyle review 


Nutritional Cooking
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Nutrition Coaching

Work together with a Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach to develop an individualized nutrition plan to meet your specific goals. 

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Custom Orthotics

As a certified Sole Supports provider we offer custom molded orthotic inserts made specific to your foot needs. 

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