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"Sole Supports are custom fit orthotics that are created from a mold of your feet.  This allows the orthotic to maintain constant contact with the soles of your feet. This contact will provide full support to your arch, giving you the corrected posture that you need.

Before we can make a truly custom device, we have to cast your feet in a very specific way in order to capture the corrected position we want the orthotic to impose on your foot. If you just stepped in a box of foam, we would capture all that is wrong about your feet: the fallen arch, the splayed forefoot, etc. That is why our providers are carefully trained in our casting technique and why we only accept orders from providers trained in our techniques.

No one makes orthotics like we do. It costs more to make them, we have to reject casts that are not done well enough, we only take orders from providers who have had our training and we have to do our work carefully and thoroughly in order for you to be comfortable. But the good news is, once we have bothered to do all that, we have created an orthotic that really works the way it is supposed to. We actually change how a foot functions on the ground."


- Sole Supports web page, click below for more. 

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